Procurement function is under powerful pressure to transform. The digital revolution has disrupted not only the way companies process today, but the entire relationship of procurement to their suppliers, customers, and internal partners. Supplier relationships restructuring, collaboration from outside-in, the updating cost reduction strategy and risk avoidance... All of those are urgent problems to be solved at present. Have you already grasped the significant opportunity to innovating and transforming the procurement organization to support growth and fend off competition? If not, why not attend a professional summit like PSS 2017 to optimize your procurement?

The Procurement Success Summit will be held on November 15-16 in Shanghai , China. More than 200 senior procurement executives from large and medium-size global and national corporations will be brought together in this summit, which is composed of the representations of supply management professionals.

The theme of the conference will be "Innovating and Transforming Your Procurement in the Digital, Disrupted Era." We will have a robust dialogue on the different models for innovation and the role of procurement in facilitating the innovation agenda and partnerships with core suppliers and the over network - through both processes and people.

Five industry leaders – Bureau van Dijk, Liquidity Services, Tradeshift, GEP, Corporate Travel Management come together to co-sponsor and share experiences. We believe that the involvement of sponsors and partners will make our summit more successful.

PSS2017 will bring together global brightest minds in procurement from leading global businesses to accelerate the performance of your procurement function. We trust different industries are at different stages of balancing savings targets and this will be a great opportunity to learn from each other across different industries! For more information surrounding the conference please click here

If you have any plans how to attend/ sponsor or speak at Procurement Success Summit 2017 in November in Shanghai, please contact us at +86 21 3639 7572 or email us