The PROCUREMENT SUCCESS SUMMIT will be held on November 16-17 in Shanghai ,China. More than 200 senior procurement executives from large and medium-size global and national corporations will be brought together in this summit, which is composed of the representations of supply management professionals.

The theme of the conference will be "The battle isn't about cost, it's about value.", representing the idea that procurement is supposed to bring more value than savings alone. The sessions of this summit include Cost Reduction, Shareholder Engagement, Increased Levels of Supplier Collaboration, Risk Management and Digital Procurement.

With more than 100 World-class organizations to gather in it, PSS2016 Summit will enable the attendees to make new connections and strengthen prior relationships with CPOs or SVP/VP/Director/Sr Managers in the corresponding areas.

The summit will begin with a session concentrated on cost reduction,which is still the top priority for CPOs as they look to sustain business growth across a backdrop of continued volatility. And in the following two days, attendees can learn first-hand from 30 senior executive speaker and experts' best procurement practices in multinational companies. Additionally, private face-to-face solution provider meetings will be provided for attendees who book in advance.

In conclusion, this summit will be two full days of experience with powerful structured program and informal peer-to-peer networking opportunities and will be quite conducive to your purchasing career profoundly.

If you have any plans now to attend/ sponsor or speak at PPS Annual Conference in November in Shanghai, please contact us at +86 21 3639 7572 or email us