Today's manufacturers understand that the world's economy is undergoing a period of massive change and uncertainty. And, until the opportunities become clearer, most seem to be focused on building up their war chests and keeping their powder dry.

We believe that manufacturers will need to make bigger bets on supply chain visibility, with broader, more inclusive innovation models and strategy partners to help them capitalize on breakthrough innovation opportunities. At the same time, manufacturers will need to invest in technology and talent or risk losing the battle.

Manufacturing Supply Chain Officer Summit 2016 (MSCO) will explore the steps that manufacturers around the world are taking to prepare their organizations for the risks and changes that are to come. The insights and take-aways contained within this summit will help decision makers better understand their competitive position and prepare their organizations for long-term growth and competitive advantage.

Key highlights of this year's agenda include: 
Dr. John Gattorna, Global Supply Chain "thought leader", will discuss enhanced supply chain visibility and collaboration to feed the growing demand-driven manufacturing engine.

Johannes Giloth, Senior Vice President Global Operations of Nokia Networks, is going to show how Nokia use external catalysts to drive a remarkable transformation of its supply chain operations business and continues to turn this effort into a competitive advantage thanks to an agile and flexible setup.

Mourad Tamoud, Global Supply Chain Senior Vice President of Schneider Electric, will talk about ensuring end-to-end visibility in increasingly complex and multi-tiered global supply chains.

Jan Nestler, VP Global Procurement of Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics, will share Siemens’ sourcing risk identification and mitigation methodology which has been highly effective to improve supply chain reliability and sustainability.

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