Recently, Manufacturing Supply Chain Officer Summit 2016, which lasted 2 days in Shanghai, ended successfully. The conference, organized by GlobalSCM Group, invited 15 renowned industry experts to come to share the experience of manufacturing supply chain. At the same time, more than 140 industry elites from all walks were attracted to attend the summit.

Manufacturing Supply Chain Officer Summit 2016 with "Embracing Uncertainty and Adapting to Change" as the theme, analysised the problems which are currently existing in the manufacturing supply chain and conducted in-depth discussions combining the hottest topics in the industry. 147 elites of supply chain aired their views freely in the conference, sharing and motivating others through their unique experiences.

At the meeting, many supply chain experts, like global supply chain "thought leaders" Dr. John Gattorna, senior director & head Nat Parameswaran from USG Boral and Global Supply Chain China Senior Vice President, Mourad Tamoud from Schneider Electric, made keynote speeches for supply chain redesign, reducing the risk of supply chain disruptions and supplier management, sharing a lot of successful business case, providing solutions to get rid of the current dilemma of supply chain for many enterprises.

"We are evolving toward a state of risk avoidance, from reactive to pro-active." said Jan Nestler, VP global procurement from Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics, talking about the topic of reducing the risk of supply chain disruptions. For the solution of this problem, he added: "Risk transparency can be a comprehensive standard to measure supplier and part of the risk. Through the research, high risk specific values is around 14%."

Facing the problems of manufacturing supply chain, Dr. John Gattorna proposed Dynamic Alignment™ Business Model, according to customer expectations, using the principle of design thinking, establising a unique value proposition system, so as to adjust the function structures of the company and be consistent with external desired marketplace more accurately.