The two-day PROCUREMENT SUCCESS SUMMIT will be held on November 11-12 in Shanghai ,China.The summit will provide a comprehensive, industry-wide view into what is happening in the world of procurement and capture the experience, performance, perspective, and intentions of 200+ top-level procurement professionals.It will also present successful strategies and benchmark that procurement leaders can use to gain insight into best practices, benchmark their performance against the Best-in-class, and ultimately improve their operations and performance.

Agenda Snapshot 

Session1: 2016 Procurement Predictions and CPO Top Challenges.The session will predict future procurement operation by analyzing procurement's capabilities in the areas of people,process and technology,as well as the key drivers and challenges that have shaped and will shape CPO's priorities and plans in 2016 and beyond.

Session2: Procurement's success-collaboration,innovation,agility.The session provides a series of successful strategies and experience for procurement professionals that are seeking to improve their operations and results in collaboration,innovation and agility.

Session3: Procurement capability-top collaborator,significant influencer,performance differentiator,solid supporter. Procurement leaders are now viewed as they may a smart phone or Swiss army knife:a multifunctional device or leader that can adeptly support many key activities.How to manage and develop your procurement team? This session will how to build and manage the procurement team.

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