What are the sources of supply chain risk? How can supply chain resilience be improved? What are the drivers of supply chain complexity for a company with global operations and how have they evolved over the recent past?

The questions above will be addressed in Manufacturing Supply Chain Officer Summit 2015 ( http://manufacturing.sco-summit.com/2015/), which is the largest gathering of senior manufacturing supply chain professionals in China.The Summit will focus on how supply chain management and risk principles guide the improvement of the company’s bottom line, exploring whether we fully understand our supply chain.

“This is the 5th running of the MSCO meeting, and it just gets better and better. Indeed, it is the only conference in Asia that I continue to attend and support. "said Dr John Gattorna, Author & Supply Chain ‘Thought Leader'. "Why? Because the organizers make a genuine effort to pull together a comprehensive program of content, for the benefit of all delegates."

“Conferences like MSCO give us an opportunity to step away from the day-to-day grind in our respective businesses, take some time to think, and to mingle with like-minded people. We are all learning from each other for each others’ benefit."

For more information about MSCO, please contact Ms. Sophie Tong: +86 21 3639 7572 – 805 or sophie.tong@globalscm.net.