Beverf(formerly GlobalSCM), the leading integrated resource platform primarily for supply chain, logistics, purchasing and manufacturing fields, is pleased to announce the return of its Manufacturing Supply Chain Officer Summit for September 19-20, 2018. Manufacturing supply chain leaders will take part in one of the industry’s biggest gatherings, with 7 years experiences, 150+ attendees, 15+ hours networking...

The 2018 Manufacturing Supply Chain Summit provides manufacturing supply chain leaders with deep industry experience, practical insight, best practical, lesson learned and leading trends, which help companies keep pace with change in today’s manufacturing industry, enable you to network and converse with like-minded peers.

MSCO is a peer-led learning and networking opportunity for forward-thinking supply chain leaders to build future-fit supply chains that both drive progress on top supply chain priorities and advance the sustainable business agenda. MSCO 2018 will talk all New things about Manufacturing Industry . Topics will include business-ready Internet of things, digital manufacturing, industry 4.0, blockchain technology, artificial intelligence / machine learning, robotics and smart automation, digital traceability, augmented reality / virtual reality, 3D printing, digital supply networks, transparency and sustainability.

See Partial MSCO 2018 Honored Speakers:

Dirk Holbach, Vice President of Global Supply Chain Management, Henkel

Jun Kim, Vice President of APJC Supply Chain and Manufacturing Operations, Cisco

Jackie Zhu, SVP of Supply Chain Partner Project, Schneider Electric

Kari Terho, Director and Head of Smart Factory Management, Elisa

Matthias Graefe, Director of Global Supply Chain Transformation, IBM

MSCO2017 Attendees Feedback:

“It is a very good summit for information sharing, interacting, to bring out new concept, idea, which benefit the future job.”

Zebra Technologies, Grace Zheng, Manager Logistics Management - APAC

“1. Excellent program & content. 2. Excellent speaker. 3. Attracting a very high quantity audience.”

Gattorna Alignment P/L, John Gattorna

“Quite diverse set of speakers and audience, yet with good level seniority to interact and network with.”

Philips Lighting, Roland Bastiaensen, VP Procurement Engineering

MSCO 2018 is the Great Gathering of Revolution of manufacturing, Future of business, Definition of digital roadmap and Tomorrow of talent that will fundamentally reshape the manufacturing supply chain industry over the next ten years.

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