On June 5, Mastering S&OP Process, which was organized by Beverf ended successfully in Shanghai

      This 2-day interactive training course covered the key components of the S&OP process – the mechanics, reports, roles & responsibilities as well as the metrics. It also included insights, experiences, case studies and practical implementationtips based on companies in the region that already have implemented S&OP.

      The attendees were provided all the required knowledge to understand the fundamentals of the Sales & Operations Planning process and practical pointers to be able to implement it in their organization.

Hot Topics

Financial Integration in S&OP

Process of the S&OPIT Support for S&OP

Implementation of S&OP in the Company

Comments on the Training

A lot information in these 2 days. Luc is a very good coach who makes the class interesting.

B.Braun Avitum, Strategy Planning Supervisor

Very helpful, learned a lot.

Merck, Planner

      Excellent training showing the key elements of S&OP, also the development trend of it. Great to know what and how to improve in the working process.SAIC VOLKSWAGEN, Logistic Supply Chain Supervisor

Images from our Training

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