On June 27, Advancing Inventory Management & Demand Planning, which was organized by Beverf, ended successfully in Singapore.

      In the first part of this two day workshop, the program leader Mr Schreibfeder  led participants through the steps necessary to develop a successful, comprehensive demand forecasting program to meet organization's specific needs.

      In the second part of the seminar, Schreibfeder used the results of new forecasting practices to create a comprehensive inventory management program that would lead firm to achieving the goal of effective inventory management.

Hot Topic

Inventory Management

Forecast Modeling

Performance Measurement

Demand Planning


"Good participate and share information. Response clear question."

Fisher & Paykel Appliances, Purchasing Manager

"The training touches upon real life issues and resonate with the day to day challenges of manageing demand & inventory what would help is to touch upon the behavorial aspect of managing stakeholders."

GSK, Business Performance Manager

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