The inhouse training "Leadership" organized by Beverf for II-VI ended successfully in Fuzhou on April 27.

This 2-day interactive inhouse training course ensured progressive leadership development for the future of II-VI. Together with our trainer Joseph, we achieved the goals:

  • Leadership in the fast changing global environment

  • Master communication with others across styles and cultures

  • Become leaders of change

  • Become a servant leader and a great coach

  • Prepare for the upcoming business transformation and your personal transition

Hot Topics

Collaboration Across Groups

Low/High Context

Coach Team

Minimize Resistance


Comments on the Training

"Help us to have a comprehensive understanding to leadership / will be much more helpful in our engagement , integration and optimization activities of leadership and management."

"Training as a while is excellent , well organized content and well understanding of leadership on communication, coaching discussion and ecosystem building of personnel."

"The content is interesting, useful, faithful. The presenter is very nice, clear in voice, passion and instructive."

Images from our Training

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