Events Details
  • April 19 - 21, 2021 (8:30 am - 2:00 pm CST)
  • Live Online

Program overview
- Procurement is a strategic function tasked with improving an organisation’s profitability. It does this by driving cost savings and adding business value, whilst typically being responsible for spending more than 60% of an organisation’s revenue.
- The key question asked of procurement though, is, does it deliver?
- Does it act like the strategic function it is empowered to be?
- Does procurement earn and deserve its place on the top table?
- Research shows procurement can and does deliver, but only when procurement teams and professionals apply procurement best practice.
- After this course,you will be able to apply the processes, skills and tools that are fundamental to the success of the world’s leading procurement organisations.
- You will be able to achieve double-digit cost savings and form constructive business partnerships with your stakeholders.
- You will learn how to develop business-driven procurement strategies by becoming an advanced negotiator, you will be able to ensure your suppliers deliver the best value to your business.

Who should attend
This course will greatly benefit you if you are a procurement professional:
- With tough savings targets and/or high business demands
- Looking to accelerate your development and career progression
- Who is an experienced, senior practitioner wishing to update or refresh your procurement knowledge and skills and support your team in becoming more strategic and effective
The course will also benefit other business functions who have procurement as part of their role or who often partner with procurement:
- Sales professionals looking to understand the thought-process of the procurement function.
- Professionals looking to learn from and network with other like-minded professionals.

Here's what some participants who attended Sean's virtual trainings say:
-“{I liked] Interactive, practical sessions, exercises”.
-“I did love the exercises during which we were negotiating with my colleagues”.
-“A great course that will either teach you something new or tell you that what you're doing is what you should be doing”.
-“The cases help illustrate how much you don't know about the other part, showing the importance of preparation. I really liked the combination of theory and practice. The theories helped me understand some of the hidden elements of negotiation. The exercises helped me understand how I can apply the theory in my daily work”.
-“Buyer and seller simulator was quite realistic and related to our work. It's really good! [I liked that it is] Interactive and no slides”.
-“The break-out sessions were good and really showed the value of discussing negotiation strategy and tactics with a colleague”.

Program outline
Procurement –From Zero To Hero
- Why cost saving is still the focus in business
- What is best practice procurement?
- Why SMART objectives are dumb
- How to exceed your procurement goals
- Making procurement a businessleader

Winning Your Stakeholder's Support 
- Identifying your key stakeholders 
- Friends or enemies?
- How to speak their language 
- Analysing stakeholders’objectives
Activity Selling to your stakeholders

Managing Your Portfolio
- Why is the life of a buyer so difficult?
- Kraljic product portfolio matrix
- Why we are always busy with less important things
- Re-prioritising –Focussing on your KPI
Activity –Applying Kraljic to asimulation
- Strategies and actions to optimise savings opportunities 
- Strategies and actions to optimise business value opportunities 
- Moving around the matrix
Activity –Applying Kraljic to your owncategories

Activity –Management Game
- How to apply win-win to your own relationships
Motivating Strategic Suppliers
- WIIFM–What's in it for me...?
Activity –Are you attractive
- Supplier preferencing matrix
- When you might need amotivated supplier 
- Building win-win relationships
Activity Apply to own suppliers

- Welcome to the future 
- Data visibility
- Operational performance
- e-Catalogues
- e-Auctions
Managing Contracts
- Fundamentals of supply contracts 
- Who’s the boss
Activity –Buyers vs. suppliers

Cost Opportunities
Activity –Cost reduction
- Why suppliers’ costs keep going down 
- Knowing your suppliers’ true prices 
- Total cost of ownership
- Knowing your organisation’s true cost

Managing Risk
- Why risk is so important
- Risk management tools
- Apply to your own categories and your own business 
- Management game –Working in a team

Program outline(continuation)
Supplier Selection
- Managing stakeholder input 
- Getting stakeholder buy-in 
- Focussing on busines objectives 
- Building the Balanced Scorecard 
- RFP process
- Selecting the right supplier

- What are ethics?
- Examples of ethical challenges
- Why ethics are important to you and your organisation

- What is sustainability?
- Examples of sustainability programmes
- Why sustainability is important to you and your organisation

Procurement Strategy
- What is a procurement strategy?
- Types of strategy
- How to build your strategy 
- How to sell your strategy
Activity –Elevator Pitch

Fundamentals Of Negotiation
Activity –Roleplay
- Focussing on objectives
- Power comes from your alternative 
- What to hide from the other party 
- What to share with the other party

Procurement Negotiation
Activity –Roleplay
- Prepare tosucceed
- How to ask questions and listen to answers
- Getting what you need–Turning objectives intovariables 
- Managing negotiation concessions
- Secret body language
- Psychology of persuasion –Logic, emotions and threats!

Advanced Negotiation
- The 10 negotiation maxims and how to apply them 
- Knowing and adapting your negotiation style 
- Negotiating as a team
- Advanced tactics
Activity –Roleplay