The Company

FacStore is a corporate membership mall of It optimizes the supply chain to provide enterprises with quality products below 10% - 15% of the market price, and tailors the scene procurement solution for corporate members. Enterprises reduce procurement costs and improve procurement efficiency.

The Challenges

  • The effect of traditional channels for acquiring customers is limited and ROI cannot be measured.
  • B2B customers decisions are based on value. They are mostly rational buying behaviors, paying more attention to the balance of value and price.

The Target

  • Target Location: Mainland China
  • Target Position: Procurement, Administration, HR
  • Target Decision Makers: manager level and above

The Solution

To use e-mail marketing on the potential customers with Beverf B2B Lead-Gen Solution,so as to obtain sales leads and improve brand influence.

The Results

  • 20000 + accurate potential customers were effectively reached in 2 weeks.
  • 70% of the sales leads were completed in the first week.
  • 80% reduction in acquisition costs for a single lead.